Zhang Leihan

Ph.D. candidate

State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment
Beihang University
Beijing, 100191, P. R. China

Office: G1130, New Main Building
Tel: +86-010-82316742


Professor Ke Xu


zhangleihan AT gmail.com;    zhangleihan AT buaa.edu.cn
(Please replace AT by @)

Research Interests:

  • Social Computing
  • Complex network
  • Machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing

  • Selected Publications:

  • Leihan Zhang, Jichang Zhao and Ke Xu. Who creates trends in online social media: The crowd or opinion leaders?[J]. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 2015. Online Demo
  • Leihan Zhang, Ke Xu and Jichang Zhao. Sleeping Beauties in Meme Diffusion. Scientometrics, 112(1), 383-402, 2017. Online Data&Code
  • Leihan Zhang, Jichang Zhao and Ke Xu. Emotion-based social computing platform for streaming big-data_ Architecture and application. [C]//Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM), 2016 13th International Conference on. IEEE, 2016: 1-6. Online Platform

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